Beer equipment, a good development of the road

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  The country continued to heat caused a chain effect, high-temperature heat also "roasted" out of the refrigeration, beverage manufacturing and other industries investment opportunities. High temperature days is also the decision of the beer industry throughout the year boom of the important impact of indicators, high temperature weather may bring beer industry sales and revenue growth picked up significantly, beer equipment also usher in development opportunities.
  Beer equipment, a good development of the road
  Beer equipment, a good development of the road
  Zambo Consulting industry analysts believe that: the relevant data show that in January 2013 to June, China's beer production of 24.975 million liters, the cumulative increase of 5.8%, without the modernization of the beer equipment, there is no modern beer industry, beer equipment Of the technical level, is a measure of beer industry technical equipment, an important symbol of ability.
  China's beer industry after years of rapid development, mechanization and automation level and the global level of basic synchronization. Beer equipment, including raw material crushing system, saccharification system, wort cooling system, domestic production has formed a stable pattern.
  Taking beer packaging equipment as an example, on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology, China's beer packaging machinery factory developed and produced beer heat shrinkable plastic film packing machine through digestion and absorption and self-development. application. China's large-scale beer enterprises have been more and more use of domestic equipment, and even some long-term use of high-grade imported equipment in recent years when the expansion of enterprises, have begun to use a large number of domestic equipment, which shows the rapid improvement of domestic equipment quality, market image and Brand also began to build.
  At the same time, China's beer equipment industry has also emerged a number of key enterprises, although its products in the advanced nature of the technology, the overall package, the appearance of quality and other similar foreign advanced equipment, there is a gap, but the face of fierce competition Of the market is still more attractive. The past two years, Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia and other countries, and even Europe and the United States are more and more Chinese and Chinese beer equipment, domestic beer equipment has begun to move toward the world, reflecting the advantages of Chinese manufacturing.
  Shangpu consulting in the "2013-2017 Chinese beer equipment market analysis and investment value of the study," pointed out: With the beer market development and maturity of consumer demand for product quality is getting higher and higher, beer technology and equipment Requirements are getting higher and higher. Domestic beer equipment companies also ushered in the development of a good opportunity, related enterprises need to find a smooth new business opportunities, for a greater breakthrough, so as to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition and take the road of sustainable development.
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