China's beer packaging machine technology to be improved to fine development

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  Domestic beer packaging will be refined to the development
  With the improvement of people's living standards, beer consumption in people's Nissan account for a large proportion. According to forecasts, from the medium-term development trend, the global beer production will maintain a growth rate of 2.4% per year, which also beer label market laid the foundation for healthy development.
  Beer packaging machine technology and awareness of intellectual property rights to be improved
  According to the relevant data: the global beer market will be rapid development, which for beer packaging and packaging label market development will have a huge role in promoting. At the same time this development opportunities for China's packaging industry has put forward higher requirements. This is for the packaging and printing industry will be a good opportunity, then as this is not into the packaging market growth momentum remains to be proven, but this value for the beer packaging industry is self-evident. China's beer industry to become the world's beer market, the fastest-growing, production and sales of the largest and most competitive industries. In the next five years or so, this market there is still a big room for growth.
  With the use of plastic more and more widely, beer bottles are slowly out of the heavy glass bottles, gradually towards the development of lightweight plastic. For a long time, glass bottles for the main container of beer, but its impact resistance and pressure resistance is poor, there are security risks, the development of cheap and applicable substitutes great market value. PET plastic beer as a new type of beer packaging containers, its development has become a global research hotspot.
  In the face of such development opportunities, the ability to seize the beer companies to consider, packaging equipment is the most important beer production equipment, including depalletizer, unloading machine, bottle washing machine, filling machine, Carton packing machine, cardboard box sealing machine, shrinking film packing machine, palletizing machine and so on. Beer packaging equipment is China's beer machinery industry, the introduction of technology up to the most balanced part of the development.
  Beer packaging machinery to be two major issues
  China's beer packaging machinery development has been repeated backward - the introduction - imitation - behind the process. China's beer packaging industry is mainly through the introduction and mapping, imitation of foreign equipment developed, there are still two major problems.
  First, China's beer packaging machinery industry, although more abundant products, but the level of development by the manufacturer's restrictions, product line is not perfect. Due to technical level, the overall performance of complete sets of equipment is not good enough. Its comprehensive strength is limited, some stand-alone development of good, but the supporting equipment is imperfect, resulting in the performance of the entire production line greatly reduced.
  Second, the domestic packaging machinery industry is facing the biggest dilemma is the weak awareness of intellectual property rights, R & D innovation is poor. China has independent research and development capabilities of the beer packaging machinery industry very little, and is grasping the international advanced level of independent intellectual property rights is the core technology is very few. The main reason for this situation a lot, it is important how to correctly view the technology research and development.
  At present, China's beer industry is in a period of rapid growth, beer industry to China's beer packaging machinery manufacturing industry to bring new opportunities. China's beer packaging machinery industry should be based on modern development and national conditions combined with their own characteristics of the development of the industry squeeze rules, the establishment of national characteristics of industrial equipment system.


Beer equipment, a good development of the road


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