Beer is not good to see the modernization of China 's wine equipment development

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  January-June 2013, the Chinese beer industry total production of 2497.52 million liters, an increase of 5.8%. Among them, Shandong, Guangdong and Henan provinces in January-June beer production ranked 31 provinces and cities nationwide top three, the output of more than 200 million liters. Hainan, Qinghai and Tibet provinces in January-June beer production ranked 31 provinces and cities in the country after three, the output was lower than 90,000 liters.
  The birth of bottled fresh beer
  China's first bottle of fresh beer is produced by Yanjing Beer Group. R & D bottled beer, Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Development Department took some painstaking efforts, bottled beer without pasteurization or high temperature instantaneous disinfection, but the use of sterile membrane filtration technology yeast and bacteria, and finally by Bacteria filling the beer, both to solve the problem of preservation and retain the original beer, beer is the high-end category. And ordinary beer (cooked beer) of the heavy and bitter, fresh beer taste is more fresh and delicious, but also retains the maximum nutrients in beer, rich in 17 kinds of amino acids the body must be. Therefore, fresh beer, also known as fresh liquid bread.
  Beijing Yanjing Beer Group deputy chief engineer Lin Zhiping told the author, in Yanjing fresh beer brewing process, each bottle of fresh beer to go through six major processes, hundreds of small items of testing, from the election to the wine, From the degree of protein solubility of malt to the microbiological examination of each batch, any procedure must be qualified. Malt leaching rate, color, and then to the analysis of protein content, all the tests are all completed in the central laboratory. Yanjing beer testing equipment worth nearly 10 million yuan, and are using the world's most advanced technology and equipment.
  Through a strong R & D strength and precision oxygen control technology research and development, Yanjing bottled Beer was finally born. It is this unique and pure taste, conquered the majority of consumers taste buds, beer market in recent years dominate, when the city people advocate fresh life, return to the natural attitude to life when people drink beer in the re- Found a natural feeling of fresh bath.
  China's beer industry has matured
  China's beer industry in the past 10 years has made remarkable achievements in development, for many years to maintain the world's largest beer producer, more likely in the short term breakthrough annual output of 40 million kiloliton mark. Can be said that the rapid development of outstanding achievements in China's beer industry to create the brilliant, can not be separated from the accompanying and the same rapid development of the beer equipment industry.
  China's large-scale beer companies such as Tsingtao Brewery Group, Yanjing Beer Group, China Resources Beer Group, Harbin Beer Group, Chongqing Beer Group, the Pearl River Beer Company have been more and more use of domestic equipment, and even some long-term use of high-grade imported equipment enterprises Expansion in recent years, also began to use a large number of domestic equipment, which shows that the quality of domestic equipment has improved rapidly, the market image and brand also began to build.
  Such as beer filling machinery manufacturing industry in Nanjing Light Industry, with the support of the country, several times over the past few years the introduction of German beer filling technology, its own digestion and absorption of innovation and research and development, in some core technology has reached the international advanced level.
  At present, some of the beer machinery and equipment manufacturing level has gradually reached the international level, the type of equipment and complete specifications, equipment design, manufacture, testing, acceptance, installation and commissioning of the whole process has been standardized and standardized services contract from the local engineering as a whole Project turnkey project general contracting direction change.
  To achieve modernization of China's beer machinery and equipment
  Raising the level of domestic equipment technology is the fundamental way to modernize beer machinery and equipment. Both the immediate needs of the development of industry, or the national development of technology and long-term interests of the national economy, are required to vigorously promote the localization process equipment, digestion and absorption of a track-type technological innovation has become the modernization of China's wine machinery and equipment strategic task.
  Countries brewing technology and product style seemingly the same, in fact, each has its advantages, so as a big beer producing country, China's equipment and beer brewing technology should be balanced and coordinated development. And strive to form a process with their own characteristics of the product brand, complemented by supporting the development of equipment, so that at a higher level to achieve balance.
  Using innovative technologies and mechanisms to transform traditional industries. In the basis of technological innovation and mechanisms, organizational and management innovation to establish a combination of equipment technology innovation strategy system. In particular, the use and development of high-tech, such as biosensors, immobilized beer fermenters, membrane technology; in computer applications, the development and promotion of such as mechanical online monitoring and fault diagnosis intelligent expert system, product quality and production management systems ; In the transformation of manufacturing enterprises established in line with the laws of the market development mechanism to solve China's equipment technology and foreign long-term gap between the new products a small, long development cycle.
  In the beer industry to improve the overall scope of the technical level of chemical brewing unit equipment, the formation of the national industrial policy under the guidance of design-based, quality as the core, market share as the goal, research - design - manufacturing - service horizontal joint system, the Class unit equipment development center and manufacturing base.
  Machinery and equipment industry is a technology-intensive industries, and vigorously improve the technical quality of all types of personnel and enterprise management level, improve the people-oriented modern management science-related mechanisms, relying on scientific and technological progress and speed up the process of modernization of China-made equipment.


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