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Advantage of 100L Independent refrigeration fermenter:
The cooling time is faster than the glycol water cooling.
Independent refrigeration independent control, integrated design makes the floor space more economical, making the equipment more flexible.
Eliminate the fee of Chiller group; Ice water tank;Ice water pump; pipes and installation fee.

Patented product,counterfeit must be prosecuted
Product positioning: small and medium sized heat-conducting oil heating craft beer brewing equipment(commercial use type)
Brewhouse size: 1807*1332*1710(mm)
Fermenter size: ¢660 * 1650(mm)
Product material: food grade stainless steel 304
Equipment output: 100L per batch
Floor space: 2.5 square meters
Power consumption of the brewhouse: the total power of the equipment during the production period is 9kw,the average power consumption is 5kw
Site conditions: municipal water supply and drainage,single phase 220V or three phase 380V,well-ventilated

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100HL Fermenter


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