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Bright beer tank is welded with international high-quality stainless steel, inner surface polishing finish is 0.6 microns or less or made polished pickling process. Optional parts used for outsourcing adopt high-quality stainless steel 2B plate or precision drawing board, testing pressure is two times of the working pressure. With insulation polyurethane material, interlayer strictly abides by the minimum thickness requirements of international standards to ensure genuine materials. Each type of tank can be processed by National Standard, American Standard, German Standard and tanks can also be customized according to your needs and technical requirements.
disc top/cylinder / lateral jacket (1 or 2 segments) / bottom jacket / side and bottom wrapping/ with adjustable feet and leg.
Interface: PVRV/ outlet of carbon dioxide / inlet and outlet of refrigerant / Pt100 interface/ sampling connection/side hand-hole/CIP interface/beer outlet Capacity:  American Standard 1 BBL - 600 BB. 
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Stacked Bright Tank


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