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System is mainly composed of mash tun, lauter tank,wort kettle and whirlpool tank. The equipment adopts 304 full stainless steel, appearance is copper or gold surface, and it has many kinds of combination such as two devices, three devices, three devices, four devices,five devices. Heating modes are diverse, including steam heating, gas heating, electric heating, and it can also be customized according to your needs and technical requirements. Specifications from 100L-5000L can be processed(American standard 5BBL, 8BBL,10BBL,15BBL,20BBL,etc) .

System pipe, pipe fittings, valves adopt sanitary standard connection, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, movement and transformation.

Other supporting includes malt mill, malt grist case, wort pump, heat exchanger with thin plate wort aerting device, indoor/outdoor exhaust system, control system, tillage discharge device, wort sampling platform ,operating platform.

1T Brew-house


5BBL Brew-house


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Mash system


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