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Product quality is of utmost importance to craft beer equipment

Time: 2023-08-15

Today, our Coff company held a meeting, and the boss expressed his idea after his research in Australia and the conversation with the customers. Now the most important thing is quality, we must do a good job in quality control from production to pressure test, from assembly to quality inspection, from incoming material inspection to shipment, good quality is king, and only with good quality can there be repeat customers. Bad quality can only do one-time sales, our best service is to provide the best quality beer brewing equipment to customers, so that we have a good reputation, in order to sustainable development with customers, in order to more orders, all of us must keep the quality control in mind.


Now our products are exported to North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions, our reputation is obvious to all, in addition to conventional fire heating, electric heating, steam heating brewing system,we also have our patented products, oil heating brewing system, from 2018 to the current oil heating system is our fourth generation of products.It has the following advantages, 1. Modularity, saving volume

2. Save energy consumption

3. Save water consumption

4. High heating efficiency and short heating time

If you want to know more about oil heating brewing system, please contact us right now!