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Customized 10bbl Oil Heating System and 10bbl Coffee Cold Brew System

Time: 2024-06-04

In this era of innovation and challenge, our workshop is fully engaged in building two industry-leading machines - the 10bbl Oil Heating System and the 10bbl Coffee Cold Extraction System. These two systems are not only the crystallization of technology, but also our relentless pursuit of excellence.


Now, let's unveil these two mysterious products together. After careful design and rigorous testing, they have already been modeled, and their overall dimensions and functions can be seen at a glance. From the pictures, you can see their exquisite appearance and rigorous construction, every detail highlights our persistent pursuit of quality.


10bbl oil heating system, with its efficient heating performance and stable operation performance, has won the favor of many customers. The system adopts advanced heating technology, which is able to rapidly raise the oil temperature to the required temperature in a short time, while maintaining a constant temperature to ensure the smooth running of the brewing process. This system can bring you unprecedented convenience and benefits.


The 10bbl Coffee Cold Extraction System, on the other hand, is a product we have carefully developed to meet the modern pursuit of coffee quality. It adopts low-temperature extraction technology, which can maximize the retention of the natural flavor and nutrients in the coffee beans, presenting you with a cup of coffee with a mellow taste and aroma. Whether it is a coffee shop or a restaurant, this system can bring you a unique coffee experience.


It is worth mentioning that both systems were specially ordered by our valued customers in the United States. They found us through a Google search, recognizing the quality of our products and professional service. This is not only a recognition of our strength, but also a trust in our quality. We will continue to uphold the “customer first” service concept to provide with even better products and services.